The system/style has two parts.  Part one is a Northern style kung fu, which is called Changquan also known as Long Fist or Long Form.  The forms are taught in a systemic fashion through classical long solo forms exhibiting both attack and defense movements. All forms are taught slowly with attention to detail and understanding. The forms are complimented by practicing their applications, free fighting and physical conditioning. The cultural aspects of the art are as important as the physical aspect. Students are taught to respect themselves and each other and are encouraged to achieve in all aspects of their lives.

Part two is a Taiji Quan Yang Style called Longfei (Flying Dragon).  Taolu solo hand and weapons routines, with emphasis placed on understanding the applications.  Also using tuishou known as "pushing hands", is another good tool to help with the understanding of Taijiquan.  What is learnt here can also apply to San Shou/Lie Tai and self-defence. Taolu is taught in a simplified manor and uses repetition as a tool for learning and understanding the forms.  Some of the benefit are as follows: improved health, relaxation, improved circulation, self defence, strenght, improved breathing, concentration and balance.