The History of T'ai Tsung Kung fu

The name T'ai Tsung was chosen for the Association to commemorate the support for the Shaolin monks by T'ai Tsung, the first emperor of the T'ang dynasty around 695 AD. Legend maintains that the Shaolin temple at the foot of the Song Shan Mountain was built around 495 AD by the royal decree of the emperor Hsiao-Wen. Two hundred years later the emperor T'ai Tsung appealed to the fighting monks to help him defeat the usurper general Wang-Shih-Ch'ung. The Shaolin monks aided the emperor and together defeated Wang. In recognition of their meritorious deeds the emperor conferred upon Shaolin the title "Number One Monastery Under Heaven".

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Tai Tsung Kung Fu Association was officially launched on 1st June 1997 and brought together the combined knowledge of seven "Black Belts Instructors from Zhaun Shu Kuan Kung Fu Organisation (totalling approximately 120 years). The founding members were Sifu Derek Brown, Sifu Kevin Campbell, Sifu Frederick McQueen, Sifu Anthony Roberts, Sifu Devon Symister, Sifu Christopher Walters and Sifu Francis William.



T'ai Tsung Kung Fu Association was founded in the belief that martial arts must be a constantly evolving art and that its instructors should endeavour to reflect that in their teaching and student development programmes.  Our main platform is the promotion of classical kung fu in combination with modern practical self-defense and physical training methods.  The founding members of T'ai Tsung has devised a "Mission Statement" which encapsulates this ethic of constant evolution in the content and teaching of our styles, as well as its organisational structure and management.